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Universal Surveillance Systems (USS), innovators of Electronic article surveillance (EAS) provides all the tags, labels, vaults and pedestal systems you’ll ever need for your stores

USS have pioneered the creation of some of the smallest, most effective, aesthetic, innovative solutions available. Retailers ranging from national chains to small regional stores have chosen USS products as the reliable, cost effective, easy to use solutions to protect their merchandise.

Let us work together with you to secure your merchandise, please your customers and protect your bottom line.


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The professionals at USS are valued leaders in the loss prevention industry. We are extremely pleased to call them our business partner, and rely on the team at USS for their quality products and knowledgeable service of our needs. Their partnership not only allows us to have comfort in the products that we purchase, but the service after the sale is second to none. Regardless of the question or concern, we know that USS will be there for us.- Director of Loss Prevention, major retail chain

Can you tell the difference

“Our Blending Tags are design to confuse the thief,” said Craig Cunningham, USS’ vice president of business development. “They all look like triple-alarm tags, with speakers, LED lights and aggressive look. However, exactly what technology is inside, we leave that up to the retailer to decide based on their budget and needs. What we have seen so far is that this approach works, both in reducing shrink and helping the LP teams stay within their budgets.”

EAS Products

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Innovation, design, loss prevention and efficiency – these are the hallmarks of every tag USS produces. Our tags have unique features that deter shoplifters and protect your bottom line; they look good because we know you want your product displays to look good. And USS tags are proven to reduce theft while being easy to use, keeping your employees happy and efficient.


USS Source Tagging programs are flexible and customizable. Never the one to offer one-size-fits-all solutions, USS works with its customers to create the program that fits the customer’s unique needs. Your source tagging solution can include labels, disposable tags, reusable tags, or a combination, giving you the choice to select the perfect balance between efficiency and protection.


The Ninja label by USS has been noted for its unique capability to both detect theft and help LP teams identify their stolen goods. It is one of the most feature-rich labels on the market. In addition to the Ninja, USS also offers a wide variety of RF or AM labels


Created for a variety of merchandise that can’t be protected by tags, USS Vaults offer toughness, security and an unmatched ease of use. Over 40 different shapes and sizes are available.


USS pedestal systems range from freestanding units, to wall-mounted systems, to antennae hidden in the floor or ceiling. Uniquely, USS offers the capability to remotely monitor, tune and troubleshoot your EAS system, saving you time and money on service calls. Both AM and RF technologies are offered.