GorBros Solutions partnered and worked with experienced professionals and brand named Companies at finding the ideal solutions and products to match your needs.

Consultancy IT services

GorBros Solutions will organize an experienced team to meet your company’s specific needs. Our qualified consultants works with your team ensuring that a mix of technical skills and domain knowledge are employed to create a superior delivery team.

Our Consulting strength lies in the skills and rich experience of our consultants, who have considerable experience inclusive of Security, Network Management, Project management, Software Engineering, Human Resource Management, Engineering bringing rich practical implementation experience of various processes that best fits client’s IT environment.

Network Security

Network Security is your first priority IT concern. If neglect your network can become vulnerable to threats both internal and external from unauthorized sources.

GorBros Solutions Network Security Services will help protect the usability, reliability, safety, and integrity of your network. Our Network Services will keep your system up-to-date and protected from all potential hacks, virus and malware threats.

Our services basically include:

  • Firewall to block unnecessary access to your network
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Network Security Testing and Assessment


We will designs and implements wireless networks that combine mobility and flexibility with the speed and security professionals demand from a network. We partner XmarteK with major wireless networking professionals and companies to offer the services best suited for your company’s needs. Our wireless services include:

● System Requirements Document ● Wireless Security
● System Design & Deployment Plan ● Technology Migration
● Wired & Wireless Network Assessment ● Documentation & Training
● Support & Maintenance

Structured Cabling

GorBros Solutions provide cabling solutions for Data, voice, video, access control and alarm systems. If you have a new building, relocating or upgrading your system let us work with you to provide the most efficient and economical system with the latest in technology


iPBX System Installation

We partner with 3CX and XmarteK to provide you with  advanced phone systems & commuipphones311nications solutions at very competitive prices.  Services includes installation of new system including audio conferencing, Web call, easy mobility, VoIP Gateways,call auto-attendant, voicemail, telephone accounting and more.

We provides a comprehensive evaluation of the current telephone system provides you with a customisable and economical system. 3CX develops a full range of VoIP telephony software products inclusive of:


● 3CX Phone System for Windows 3CX Phone System Pro Edition
● 3CX Web Meeting ● 3CX Hotel Model for 3CX Phone System
● 3CX Voice Application Designer


GorBros Solutions partners with Viseum toTemporary-CCTV provide second-to-none service. With Viseum, world reknown products and vast technical and professional  expertise you are rest assured. We provide service and support from home to large commercial, agricultural  and mobile applications.

Intruder Alarm

GorBros Solutions can design and implement end-to-end security package and our professionals are uniquely positioned to provide advice on the level of security required to protect your premises or assets.

With installation of sophisticated intruder alarm systems, In case of a break-in, you could be notified via SMS, e-mail, or voice message.

Store Security

WeasTag11e partner with well re-knowned USS Innovate to provide second to none security of your products, staff and shop. USS Innovate USS is the largest privately held loss prevention company in the U.S and known for its Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags and systems that large retailers use to deter and catch shoplifters. We are proud to partner with and represent them.

Access Control

Identifying the correct technology to interface with your living or working environment is critical from many perspectives. Most importantly is the functionality and serviceability associated with your solution. Bad “expert” advise may in fact disrupt services and not address your underline security needs.

GorBros Solutions will designs, installs and maintains access control systems for your business and home. Our professionals are updated with the latest technology and delivers the best solutions ever

Building and Home Automation

GorBros Solutions partnered with professionals and companies to deliver high class services and provide fully single centralized solutions with integrated components including Teleivision, CCTV, Alarm system, Air condition, lighting, music and more.