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A Better Way to Wait

QLess™ eliminates physical lines and crowded waiting rooms by using a patent-pending, hosted, mobile-enabled service that creates a virtual line. Banks, Insurance Companies, Retail customers, urgent care or hospital patients, college or university students, or taxpayers in government offices enter virtual queues from a web browser, mobile device, or on-site kiosk, and then receive text messages and/or voice calls when they reach the front of the virtual line. QLess™ eliminates anxiety and uncertainty, empowering customers by providing on-demand status updates in response to telephone or text queries of the system. By eliminating the inconvenience of waiting in a physical line, QLess™ substantially improves customer service.

Customers hate waiting in line!

QLess is a revolutionary Internet-hosted wait management system that makes it possible for customers to roam freely while they wait. Use QLess to increase customer satisfaction by giving customers back the time they’d otherwise waste waiting in line for financial services. With QLess, customers can get in line virtually, monitor their place in line, and be notified when their time approaches, allowing them to wait in line from any place they want.


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The first name in mobile wait management solutions – Worldwide.

  • Your customers can enter a virtual queue from cell phones, touch screen kiosks, or the Web. Your employees can add customers to a virtual line from the Queue Manager.
  • Your customers can roam freely while they wait.
  • QLess sends customers an SMS or calls them when it is their turn to be served.


Better Customer Services

QLess gives your customers a more satisfying experience, which can give you an enormous edge over your competition. QLess reduces your customers perceived wait time, even if their actual wait time doesn’t change at all. When customers are anxious, their waits feel longer. This anxiety can come from a fear of being forgotten, a fear of picking the wrong line, or a fear of line jumpers. Waits feel even longer when the remaining wait time is uncertain, or when the wait time is unexplained.

QLess completely eliminates this anxiety and uncertainty, and empowers your customers by providing on-demand status updates any time a customer calls or texts the system. These updates include forecast wait times, and the number of other customers ahead of them in line. QLess also walks customers through the initial process of getting in line, ensuring that they’re waiting in the right line to begin with.

Let your customers pick whatever waiting environment they like, and watch their satisfaction go through the roof.

The Experience

The Experience